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Magic Burns -  Ilona Andrews I made myself wait until today to start this one...
This is exactly the kind of stuff i want to read in paranormal romance, although the romance level on the first one was low (for the gender that is).
Girls what else can you recommend in this type?
Finished, i think i now hate [author:Ilona Andrews]... why oh why can she only write a book a year... this is evil...
It's not so much the shape shifters as the writing i liked in this
This is exactly the kind of stuff i look for in a Paranormal...

Some suspicions on the half-breed thing, when i reread the books:
i noticed in the first one the upiri calls all shape-shifters half-breeds so it might have something to do with the origin of the virus, but when i was halfway through the second it just hit me, Curran might be a Liger, although most ligers don't have mane (my bad some googling showed quite a lot of ligers with manes ex: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/08/photogalleries/ligers_dynamite/photo2.html), and apparently ligers are not only bigger than their parents they're also longer lived...