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X-Men: First Class, Vol. 1 - Jeff Parker, Roger Cruz For millions of years, mankind’s place on Earth was unchallenged – until five young people paved the way for a new kind of human! While students at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast and Iceman taught the world what it meant to be X-Men. These are the hidden stories of the team that laid the foundation of a mutant dynasty! Written by Jeff Parker (AGENTS OF ATLAS) and illustrated by Roger Cruz (ARAÑA). Collecting X-MEN: FIRST CLASS #1-8.
The X-Men these days are so grim and gritty that it's nice to see this new take on the old group, specially nice with all the references to the old age (geez who even remembers those old villains anyway) and all the in-jokes about the future.
It's also nice to see Jeanie again, and without all the cluttered up back story always surrounding a Marvel Comic, this is a real breath of fresh air among the X Books, i think i'll continue to collect this in paperback form.